Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Eastern Canada Heritage Towns

Lunenburg, NS
Old Lunenburg has been declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Over 400 buildings are part of the designated area, an exceptionally well preserved example of a North American colonial settlement. The building that best illustrates Lunenburg's distinctive style is the Morash house at 55 Montague Street.

It was built in 1876 and features Lunenburg's famous dormer windows, which are larger and finer than traditional dormers, attributed to Joseph and Salomon Morash. Some dormer windows covered two stories while others opened on to nearly a whole room.
Most of Lunenburg's handsome residences are painted in the same colours as the fishermen's boats and some of their architectural features illustrate superstitions attributed to seamen.

Aylmer, QC

Aylmer has a wealth of some 500 heritage houses and buildings - the greatest number in Canada’s National Capital region - many of which were built before Confederation.

Aylmer Road is the region’s last remaining heritage highway and still retains its original character with green spaces, unspoiled by high-rise buildings and car dealerships.

Aylmer’s early settlers, and those that followed, left a rich past. Their legacy is seen in Aylmer’s impressive public buildings, splendid stone mansions, elegant brick houses, charming wood frame homes and solidly crafted log cabins. A heritage tour is an excellent way to educate and sensitize to the architectural gems that survived in this town.