Friday, June 4, 2010

Most beautiful villages of Quebec

One of my favoured travel routes is along the St Lawrence river. I wish I would have the time to travel this historic route one day on a bicycle or by canoe.

No matter if you drive the small country roads on the south or north shore between Montreal and Rimouski, you will discover numerous gorgeous towns on your way.

Many of them belong to "a network of authentic heritages villages, located in remarkable landscapes", the "Les plus beaux villages of Quebec".
This week I explored one I haven`t seen before: St.-Antoine-de-Tilly

Located 25 km from Quebec City, a real gem with it`s beautifully restored heritage homes, surrounded by quaint farm country and apple orchards.

A small park dotted with picknick tables on the river shore allows you to watch big ocean freight liners on their way to and from Montreal`s port.

The Manoir de Tilly, built in 1786, serves fine local cuisine, the Bergeron fromagerie offers tastings and tours.

Take your time to explore this and many more beautiful villages along the mighty St Lawrence.