Saturday, November 19, 2011

Houseboating Rideau Canal, Ontario

The oldest continuously operated canal in North America, the Rideau Canal Waterway links the lakes and rivers between Ottawa and Kingston and is a boater's paradise.

Huge pine, maple and oak shade trees to the right and left, peaceful, quiet surroundings, quaint towns, lots of house boats for rent, friendly and knowlegable lock staff - it's the recipe for a relaxing vacation.

And: it is a UNESCO World Heritage Site!
I travelled the Rideau Canal for several years at all seasons, paddled, cycled, skated, canoed, house-boated and went through each of the 24 locks along the 202 kilometer waterway, and it still seems to be a well-kept travel secret.

Barely any businesses, no tour-coaches, souvenir shops or tourist hords, very few restaurants, no highways or high-rises, just cottages along the way.

Read "Along the Rideau" - or better come and see for yourself.