Saturday, July 7, 2012

Company House General Store 
Port Mouton, South Shore Nova Scotia

Travelers, visiting the magnificent South Shore of Nova Scotia, cruising in a leisurely pace along the coast will drive through Port Mouton.  This beautiful situated fishing village with its busy wharf between Summerville Beach and Carters Beach enjoys a new, gorgeous little country store - perfectly located for visitors to the beaches or on their way to Kejimkujik National Park, just meters from Hwy 103 and 3.

In this former General Store you will find fresh-baked Pizzelli, Italien waffles, thin and crispy, and fresh prepared Cappuccino. Cottagers find amazing Folk-Art treasures, beach totes, fine linen wares, lavender sachets and cute little antiques.  Forgot to take books with you?  You may find the perfect summer read here.

Jamie, the owner and her husband Christopher love to show you the art works - all originals - which Christopher, a renowned visual and sculpture artist from Europe, creates.  Be surprised by his incredible professional sculptures and paintings at very moderate prices.  Jamies warm, welcoming hospitality is very inviting and the flair they brought into this small fishing village makes for a pleasant experience.

I love to visit General Stores in Nova Scotia, they carry always a hue of heritage and often have very interesting owners. Look out for them, they are a great travel stop in a world of conformity. Be glad if you live not far from one and visit often.

Port Mouton is a busy fishing harbor in Lobster season, get some smoked Salmon on the way to the wharf and explore hidden beaches in and around town. Accommodation is plentiful, from a hostel in a former school to beach chalets in Port Mouton, to a fine resort nearby in Summerville Beach.