Saturday, December 5, 2009

Baddeck, Cape Breton and Alexander Graham Bell

Come and you will love it:
Baddeck, once a ship-building centre, is now known as a lovely holiday spot at the Bras d’ Or Lakes. It is also the site of “Beinn Bhreagh”, Alexander Graham Bell's 243-hectare estate.

Bell and his wife Mabel, first arrived in Cape Breton in 1885 on holiday and fell in love with these beautiful surroundings. "I have traveled around the globe. I have seen the Canadian and American Rockies, the Andes and the Alps and the Highlands of Scotland but for simple beauty, Cape Breton rivals them all," declared the inventor of the telephone.

There is a terrific museum in Baddeck devoted to Bell's life and achievements that besides the telephone included an iron lung, the hydrofoil and one of the first airplanes - the first ever to take-off in Canada.

The Bells spent 35 summers at their estate (their descendants still own the property) and Alexander and Mabel are buried on top of the local mountain.

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Alex Michael Memorial Pow Wow
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Glenora Distillery
Canada’s only single malt whisky distillery, not far from Baddeck, offers distillery tours and free ceilidhs (celtic music) daily until mid October
The cosy restaurant and Hotel invite for an overnight stay (and to enjoy tastings). Sit in the lovely courtyard, complete with a running brook, or walk and photograph the scenic grounds.