Sunday, December 6, 2009

Maps, Maps, Maps

WORLD OF MAPS, 1235 Wellington St, Ottawa

The map-seekers here, from military personal heading to the arctic to diplomats trying to pinpoint distant postings around the globe, say more about this city than a tour of the Parliament Buildings.

Usually the store caters to more common travellers. On any Saturday morning, you will often hear customers swapping advices on tourism sites and hotels to stay in New Zealand, or the best restaurants in Munich, while browsing guides and maps along the walls.

The store also has a special printer which allows you to pick any quadrant of the
earth and get a custom-made map. All the staff is well-travelled: the owners were even spending a year circling the globe before they settled 1994 in Ottawa.

If armchair travelling is more your style, you can purchase an old-fashioned globe with a bar hidden inside.