Sunday, December 6, 2009

"Locals Know" Marketing Campaign

Iconic images of Canada have been overplayed, while many travellers and even locals are not aware how beautiful and surprising Canada really is. Unfortunately tourism officials used only these cliché images to tout Canada worldwide and locally… Until 2009 -

When a surprisingly fresh tourism campaign of Canada started.
Using photos and video submitted by Canadians to YouTube and to the Canadian Tourism Commission directly, this 2009 campaign highlights the best hidden travel gems across the country, such as

· A secluded canyon in Thunder Bay, Ontario
· A sparkling cobalt lagoon on B.C. ’s Sunshine Coast
· Desert sand dunes in Alberta

Recently touted in Forbes as one of the world’s top 10 travel campaigns, the CTC’s highlighting of Canada’s hidden gems have a timeless, placeless quality, underscored by the tag line, “Where is this?” While Canadians are accustomed to photographs of the Rocky Mountains, Niagara Falls and red-coated Mounties on Parliament Hill, there are amazing tourist sites that people might not know they exists in their home province.

Locals Know – Canada
The campaign gained popularity among travellers that are doing increasingly more online research. Fans have uploaded more than 2,000 “secret spots” onto the interactive website, which received 1.1 million page views – all within the first month. Clearly, tourists are seeking out trusted word-of-mouth recommendations.